We transform your audience into a thriving community.

We use creative storytelling and shared experiences to foster thriving communities that enable sustainable growth.


From our planet to our cities, workplaces, neighborhoods, and homes — our challenges are growing more complex. Here’s the deal with big, complex challenges:

None of us can solve them alone.

Big problems require big effort from lots of people–diverse voices and perspectives coming together to shape new ideas and uncover innovative solutions.

But people don’t often come together to do this work on their own. Successful movements require strong organizers. Great companies need visionary executives. Resilient cities grow with committed leaders and engaged residents.

And when great ideas and committed people come together, this is the start of a community. A spark, a flame–a quick impact, connection.

But keeping that flame alive, letting it burn bright and turn into a large-scale movement and a vibrant community requires a lot of fuel, focus, know-how and support.


Community is key to sustainable growth.

Whether in business or society, the impact of a thriving community grows stronger over time. A thriving community offers a sense of belonging, can inspire creativity and help foster innovation that endures.

For example:

Whatever your business, whatever your audience and community, we can help cultivate sustainable growth.


We know how to cultivate thriving communities.

Our community building model is simple and straightforward and applicable to a wide range of contexts. It’s been tested and proven effective in business, education, and personal development. Its universal principles make it accessible and relatable to everyone.


We learn from your community

We start by painting a portrait of your community–developing a strong understanding of their needs, motivations, and desires. Think of this as equal parts artistry, sociology, journalism and philosophy–combined with genuine respect for every member of your community we meet along the way.


We tell them stories that motivate and inspire

We’re all willing to engage in a good story. Now that we’ve taken the first step to learn from your community (and about you), we figure out how to tell your story in a way that’s going to make it a good story–no, great story–presented in the way your community wants to hear it.